We partner with clients to meet their diverse talent acquisition, deployment and development requirements. Our solutions are customizable to the needs & size of clients – whether large MNCs or start-ups.  Our Talent Management solutions enable clients to hire the most appropriate talent for their requirements in the most cost effective and timely manner.

Our industry-relevant L&D solutions and experiential learning workshops enable organizations to equip their professionals with the skills and knowledge they need to improve productivity, develop leadership skills and obtain leading certifications. Our programs target professionals at various stages of their career, from those starting their career to senior leaders within the company.

Talent Management Solutions

Talent Acquisition

Entry Level

Skillmile support companies in meeting their talent supply needs of entry level hires. Our solutions create and deploy talent to meet the needs of varied organizations - from large organizations with presence in multiple locations to small organizations with presence in a single city. We have partnered with many colleges across the country for companies looking for organized campus hiring.


We partner with companies to meet their talent needs of experienced lateral hires. We have a team of specialized and experienced recruitment team to help companies recruit experienced talent from the market. This team understands the hiring mandate and sources professionals from various channels in the market. The team is supported by senior technical professionals with deep sector knowledge to help source the most appropriate talent for our clients. We currently serve Professional Services, Information Technology, E-Commerce and Energy & Natural Resource sectors.


Talent Deployment

Permanent Employment

We provide entry level & lateral to be hired as permanent employees by our clients. We strongly believe that our success is tied to the success of our clients. This philosophy is reflected in the way we reward our employees. Each of our project leader’s success & reward with us is dependent on long term success of our clients instead of short term targets.

Contract Employment

We deploy professionals for short-term contract based deployment. In such partnership model we manage the payroll and take care of all statutory-obligations for the professionals being contracted to the customer organizations. Our clients can also convert contract professionals to full time employees depending on their performance and client requirements.


Learning and Development Solutions

Entry level

Skillmile support companies in training their campus hires in multitude of technical and soft skills. Our solutions enable the companies to train the talent in the desired skills before they actually join the organization to ensure high level of productivity from on-boarding date.

Mid to Senior Leadership

Most organisational processes — change, talent, teams, engagement, innovation, collaboration — stand or fall on the quality of leadership. Leadership Development is essential to the success of every organization. Our solutions build the technical & behavioural skills, knowledge and confidence leaders need to succeed. We develop leaders who are capable of bridging levels and functions in the organisation, leading other managers and turning strategy into action.

Custom Skill Development

Our custom programs help develop specific skills in target employees. Our L&D experts work closely with the clients to understand their need; design experiential industry focussed training and deliver it in a manner most appropriate for target group.



People forget how fast you did a job – but they remember how well you did it.

 Howard Newton (American Musician)