Our programs and continuous support allows colleges to differentiate their students in front of recruiter's thereby increasing quality and variety of placement opportunities available in their colleges.

We work with colleges to administer our flagship and custom built programs that help them improve employability skills of students and build industry specific technical skills.

Technical Programs

Business Research & Analytics

Organizations today face significant challenges when it comes to gathering, processing, analysing and delivering insights from complex data & information. Companies realize the importance of research and analytics to help them with bringing insights from the data & information available through multitude of sources. Skillmile offers “Business Research & Analytics” program to help students build strong research and analytical ability. Offered through a combination of class room sessions, case studies and projects, our programs equips students with the skills required to master research methods, successfully analyse data, information and drive insights.

Big Data Analytics

In today’s increasingly competitive marketplace, organizations need individuals with the requisite skills to transform the extraordinarily large amounts of data into actionable insights to support strategic and tactical decision making. Skillmile’s “Data Analytics” program provides students the opportunity to gain hands-on experience with a variety of analytical tools available for the purpose of structuring large data sets to unearth hidden information to allow their organizations to build and sustain a long-term competitive advantage. The program includes training on advanced software tools and functions covering data mining, predictive modelling, and visual analytics using large data sets.

Business IT

The suite of Microsoft’s office software products, more commonly referred to as MS Office, has become the backbone of almost every computer system. From a business point of view, virtually every company, both large and small, uses MS Office. Our “Business IT” program imparts knowledge on MS Office products to students and help them build a solid foundation for their careers. We teach MS Office from the perspective of a business user and hence candidates derive the maximum benefit out of it (compared to other programs).


Placement Assistance Programs

Corporate Readiness

At Skillmile, we understand the intricacies involved in the transition from student to an early career professional. It is critical to learn and navigate the unwritten rules of the corporate world. Our “Corporate Readiness” program is uniquely designed to help the prospects to facilitate this smooth transition. We facilitate the students by offering trainings in the following areas:

  • Workplace Ethics & Behaviour
  • Business Communication
  • Image Building
  • Business IT Skills
Placement Readiness

Placement Readiness includes specific skills that students need in order to get entry into corporate world. Our program helps candidates develop such skills that can lead them to permanent employment and self-sufficiency. It covers comprehensive set of discrete learning objectives organized into four sections. These include:

  • Personal/Networking Skills
  • Resume Development
  • Test & GD Skills
  • Interviewing Skills
Placement Management

One of the important parameter on which each college is evaluated is the success of its placement process. Unfortunately, many good colleges are either understaffed in the ‘Corporate Relations’ department or the people do not have adequate skills to be able to effectively attract target corporates and train their students appropriately so that they can get the coveted roles.

Skillmile works with colleges to effectively bridge this gap by increasing quality and variety of placement opportunities available in their colleges. Having the opportunities is not enough unless the students are able to succeed in getting their dream offer. With our programs and guidance we are able to increase the success ratio of the students and colleges.


Custom Programs

Custom programs help develop specific skills in target students. Our L&D experts work closely with the deans and other authorities from the college to understand their need; design experiential industry focussed training and deliver it in a manner most appropriate for target group.


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